K-2035 A

Vertıcal Lıfelıne Wıth Ladder Extensıon (Shock Absorber On The Rope Grab)

K-2035 A

K-2035 A
K-2035 A
K-2035 A
K-2035 A
K-2035 A
K-2035 A
K-2035 A

Product Specifications

• Ideal solution for accessing anywhere the upper point of ladder

• Advantage of control before every use thanks to shock absorber on robe grab

• Special design against risks caused by rope weight

• Minimum deformation on components after fall since the shock absorber on rope grab is not integrated into system

• Long service life even in excessively corrosive environments thanks to its stainless steel and seamless components

• Shock absorber which damps the dynamic load on the personnel, product and structure after fall

• Adjustable indicator system displaying the ideal tension on lower anchor

• Ability to install the lifeline wire rope with an inclination of 15°

• Ability to be used up to -30 ° C

• Intermediate rubber guide preventing the wind impact at every 10 meters and PA main guiding brackets at every 30 meters

Note: Only F-5 A steel rope grab should be used with this vertical lifeline wire rope.

Length: 3 -... m

Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Standard: EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017


• RP-300 LS Ladder Extension

• RP-300 BS Bottom Anchor Plate

• LL-150 Lifeline Wire Rope

• RC-30 VS Main Rope Guide

• RS-40 S Tensioner

• F-5 A Guided Type fall Arrester with Energy Absorber