About us

The Kaya Group is an industry leader in technical and technological ropes, industrial business safety - working at heights, rescue, defense, accredited training and consulting SEC project management services. Since its establishment in Karaköy, İstanbul in 1980, Kaya has been leading the sector with a minion-dollar intellectual experience and senior staff.

The management and production center of our group was moved to Gebze Organized Industry Zone in 2010. In 2017, this group created TURKEY's first and ONLY ministry-approved 97th design center in its field. Our design center offers design, R&D, and product services in high-altitude work, recovery, technical and technological ropes, and defense industry technical lifting.
Kaya produces quality system documents and hundreds of product documents and technical and technological ropes, high-end work, and equipment systems. Kaya also offers training advisory and SEC project management services to more than 20 countries.
It continues its sales activities in more than 80 countries domestically and abroad.

Our Management Center And Manifacturing Areas

In Gebze Organized Industry Region;
9500 m2 factory and office areas (military facility security document to the facility available in 2023, NATO Clearance military products special manufacturing permit, carbon footprint, Accreditation sustainability documents will be obtained in the same building with renovations closed training center 1 accredited laboratories, 1 our own customs site building roof
300 KVH GES investment and we will produce our energy needs ourselves.)
10000 m2 training and testing areas
(Gebze will have 14000 m2 indoor areas over 10000 m2 reserve areas within the organized Industry Zone.)
Kaya Safety Gebze  2500 m2 production centers in the Plasticists Organized Industry Zone

Our Specializations

Mountaineering, Rescue, Defense Industry, Civil Defense, Aeronautics, and more than 1200 original prescription products designed and manufactured in the Security, Construction, Mining, Energy, and Telecommunications sectors.
Marine, yacht, Defense, off-Road, Game areas, Mountaineering, Rescue, Civil Defense, Aerospace, Security, and Over 9000 unique prescription technical and technological ropes designed and manufactured for fishing, Energy, Mining and similar industries.
Occupational health and safety, environmental consulting and project management, training and consulting services, inspection and inspection services. R&D and design, manufacturing, HSE, accredited training and consulting.
Many military projects, products and services that are not shared due to non-disclosure agreements.

Our Brands And Brand Value

110 million Euro brand value with 12 major and 20 subbrands, 10% increase per year
Kaya Ropes, Kaya Safety, Kaya Training, Kaya Consulting, Kaya Adventure, Kaya Savunma, Kaya Kurtarma, Kaya Architecture, Kaya Construction, Kaya Sport, Kaya Natural, Kaya Aviation, Kaya Scaffolding, Kaya Security and Kaya Lifting offer products and services to 12 major industries.

Patent, Registration And Documentation

530 International Design Registration, useful Model, Brand Patents (30 new products developed each year)
245 International Certification (20 certified new products each yea

Certification And Accreditations

With our innovative and change-oriented vision, we have increased the level of our quality standards to the world's top countries with all the certifications, accreditation and documentation we have acquired. In our industry, we are the only company to receive registration documents based on human life and certifications, design registration documents, CE, TSE, NATO standards and more.

Demographic Structure

Total of 133 people (67 people in White Collar / 60% Engineer, 66 people in Blue Collar, 11 people in Design Center)
Up to 10 million TL there is a worldwide product responsibility Policy.
Each year, financial, tax and legal independent audits, internal audits and UFRS are conducted on a regular basis.
IPO, PE Risk Capital is a transparent company that is ready for organic and inorganic growth models that can be public at any time abroad and in the country. There are more than 150 registered COM and 30 COM.TR addresses.
Due to the investments our company has made, we use the regional incentives of the 2nd region and due to its priority investment with its products, we use the regional incentives of the 5th region and have a  priority investment document number A 137709, dated 05.06.2018.


ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 Modul D


Product Liabilty Insurance Policy Installation Insurance Policy