Kaya Group

1980, Establishment

Kaya was established by Sabri KAYA in 1980 in Karaköy, one of thehistorical districts of İstanbul. Kaya’s initial line of business at the timeof establishment was rope production. Finding out that Naval Forces, LandForces and Air Forces were importing ropes in significant quantities and forextremely high prices in late ‘1980s, Sabri KAYA brought many ropes into localproduction with Turkish Armed Forces and greatly contributed to the nationaleconomy.

Branding activities for globalization of technical and technologicalropes as Kaya Ropes were completed at the end of ‘90s. Today, Kaya Ropes is thepioneer of innovations in Turkey and a worldwide recognized and demanded brandthanks to the state-of-the-art raw materials and production technology.

1996, Establishment of Kaya Safety

In addition to the success of rope production in the ‘90s, Sabri KAYAstarted preparations for a new line of business identifying that most of the occupationalaccidents involving death occur during working at height. For this purpose, heestablished Kaya Safety in 1996 in order to design and manufacture systems andequipment ensuring safety during working at height. Second generation of KAYAFamily; Kemal KAYA, Gülsen KAYA and Ali KAYA started working in the company inthe same period. Kaya Safety organized trainings from its establishment in 1996to 2006 for tens of thousands of users intended to ensure that the products andsystems required by our target industries are properly utilized in theirrespective areas of operating.

2006, Establishment of Kaya Training

‘Working Safe at Height and Rescue Trainings’, organized for variousindustries and lines of business for many years, are gathered under KayaTraining established in 2006. Today, KAYA Training owns one of the largestworking at height simulations centers of Europe in terms of area, scope, andcapacity located in Gebze Organized Industrial Site, and continues to providetrainings for tens of thousands of trainees annually.

2009, Establishment of Kaya Consulting

Kaya Safety and Kaya Training’s 13 years of experience in the industrylead to establishment of Kaya Consulting in 2009. Kaya Consulting contributesto the establishment of Occupational Health and Safety Culture in our countryas well as many other countries in which the services are provided bydeveloping safe management methods and strategies in the field of OccupationalHealth and Safety and ensuring that such systems are measurable, auditable, andtraceable.

Kaya Training and Kaya Consulting maintain being the leader in OHSTraining, Consultancy, Auditing and Surveillance for a long time with thepurposes of taking precautions for health, safety, and rescue and ensuring asafe working environment thanks to its infrastructure providing first classphysical training opportunities simulating many industries.