Located in Baku Azerbaijan, Baku Olympic Stadium is home to 68.000 people thanks to its commercial, disabled and general usage, press, CIP, VIP, VVIP areas.

Baku Olympic Stadium was completed in a record breaking time of 24 months and later rewarded with the “Diamond Award” in Structural Systems category by the Council of American Engineering Company.

Kaya Safety and Tekfen had been a long time partner in the market and they came together once more for this special Project. The Project that were created by Kaya Safety, was for finding a solution for the maintenance and repair of 16.400 led lights that were placed all over onto the ten floors of Baku Olympic Stadium. The solution was to install 1 km of Harken R27LS Rail Lifeline System along with anchorage points specially designed for this Project. By using a Harken Powerseat Battery with this system, one can go from bottom to the top in a minute. So in case of an emergency repair, the problem can be solved in minutes.

As of now, with six installers that has IRATA Certifications and a HSE Specialist, Kaya Safety continues its work at Baku Olympic Stadium. The Project is expected to come to an end in September after eight weeks of working at height activities.