Conic Stretcher



Product Specifications

• Ideal for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications

• Equipped with 2 pieces of 35 kN slings for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or vertical hoisting in caves or industrial confined spaces

• When the patient is packaged the stretcher becomes rigid

• Main body is made of high strength polyethylene material

• Eyelets rivets on the belts are made of stainless steel

• 1 piece of 23 Kn strength vertical evacuation rope

• 4 pieces of handles (2for each on left and right side of the stretcher)

• 4 pieces of slings to be connected on eyelets rivets

• 1 pcs of 50 kN triple action karabiner

• The stretcher is rolled for storage in a tough backpack which is included with the system

• Stretcher dia is 27 cm and length is 93 cm when rolled

• Stretcher backbag sizes: 31 cm x 95 cm (Dia x Length) 

• Stretcher sizes 27x 93 x 250 cm (Dia x Width x Length)

Weight : 8,4 kg

Standard: EN 1865

Color : Khaki