Retractable Fall Arrester with Controlled Descent


Product Specifications

• Easy to use, low-maintenance design

• Load carrying capacity: > 1 person, 125kg - max.

• Fall Arrest Block with integral controlled descent mechanism with a 16.0m steel rope lifeline in an aluminum housing

• This aluminum housed fall arrest block is a sturdy, low maintenance device fitted with a steel rope lifeline, terminated with a steel double action hook

• This device functions in the same way as a conventional fall arrest block, however once the fall has been arrested, the device immediately lowers the user to the ground at a constant speed of 0.9m/sec

• The attachment anchorage point on the fall arrest block is an open steel handle, suitable for connection via a standard karabiner type connector, or a standard karabiner type connector with an anchorage sling, or a large karabiner

Length: 30 m

Weight: 15 kg

Standard: EN 341

Technical data