Retractable Fall Arrester with Recovery Mechanism


Product Specifications

• This aluminum housed fall arrest block is a sturdy, low maintenance device fitted with a steel rope lifeline, terminated with a steel double action hook

• The attachment anchorage point on the fall arrest block is an open steel handle, suitable for connection via a standard karabiner type connector, or a standard karabiner type connector with an anchor age sling, or a large karabiner

• This fall arrest block also has a built in recovery mechanism, which is engaged by pulling a pin on the side of the block and engaging a winding handle. This then allows the device to be used to lift or lower a casualty post fall, or if they have become incapacitated in a confined space

• Fall arrest block has been tested in a simulated fall over an edge

Length: 24 mt

Weight: 15,90 kg

Standard: EN 360, EN 1496

Technical data